Day 1

Monday, 10. April 2017
To the airport

The trip started well by successfully bringing my bike to the airport in Nurnberg. Big thanks to Lari and Christian who hosted me that weekend and helped me very much with the final preparations. At the airport, there were no problems during check-in, the big bike package was accepted no questions asked. And then, 2.5h later I arrived in Madrid. Interestingly, even tough the bike was checked in at the bulky luggage counter, it was returned on the normal conveyer belt with all the other luggage. Was really fun to look at that wall spitting out that big package after some backpacks 😛 .
Removed the packaging, assembled it and noticed that it didn’t take any damage – yay. So I had no problems riding to downtown Madrid, except that my Navi and a guy at a gas station both wanted to send my via a route which looked suspiciously like a highway. Luckily I could convince my mobile not to take that route in the end and I got to the Scout Hostle Madrid safely. And the first person I ran into was Jochen Krattenmacher a soon computer science PhD student from Ravensburg. Before we went for dinner, we met Dat Kinn Cheam who is also on a bicycle trip but started in London and somehow ended up in Madrid. Unfortunately, I had to go to bed early so I could start early in the morning (where early conveniently is 7:30 because apparently there is no breakfast in hostels in Spain before 7:30 (based on two samples by now, so plenty of evidence)).
So let’s see how this trip goes and how ill keep up this „diary“.

Hasta luego!

Route from Augsburg to Stuttgart

Download file: 00_Augsburg-Stg.gpx

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